Share of the Day: 6/28/17

Share of the Day: When is the best time to consider a price change?

  1. When median household income in the city increases
  2. When more than 20% of operating days are at capacity
  3. When an organization isn't priced to just below a threshold
  4. If an organization has not increased their prices in 3 years

Share of the Day: 6/14/18

Share of the Day: In a recent survey conducted by Morey Consulting, 41% of Millennials are very likely to use a mobile app to enhance their visiting experience while 50% are interested in seeing shows or presentations. Technology can be an important part of a visit, but programming remains critical. #DoBetter #DigDeeper

Share of the Day: 6/6/18

Share of the Day: According to a recent study by Morey Consulting, approximately 60% of Millennials are more likely to visit a cultural attraction with later operating hours, programming with live music, food, or drink, evening programs and special tours. What are you doing to engage this critical generation? #DoBetter #DigDeeper

    5/1/18: Share of the Day


    13% of cultural attraction tickets were purchased online. This percentage should be higher.  More online ticket sales decreases lines, which improves visitor satisfaction, decreases box office staffing costs, "wins" the weekly decision to visit "battle", and improves re-marketing efforts. Demand more from your ticketing systems and ask them to improve online ticketing purchase paths.

    4/30/18: Share of the Day


    Stat of the Day: Social media continues to grow as an information source for cultural attraction visitors. Use the figures in the graph above to find out if you are accumulating as many followers as you should. 

    4/26/18: Share of the Day

    Public Relations Matters. Organizations that perform best in terms of attendance to market size spend 41% less in advertising, but receive 241% more in public relations coverage. This difference results in 8.5% more market coverage with 41% less cost. Invest in public relations.

      4/19/19: Share of the Day


      This one is simple, but impactful. A recent study of ours indicates that awareness of the not-for-profit status increases the likelihood of financial support by 71%. Don't assume your visitors, members, or potential donors know you are a non-profit. #dobetter #digdeeper

      4/18/18: Share of the Day

      SHARE OF THE DAY: Good news for Art Museums, Botanical Gardens, and Children's Museums, ATTENDANCE IS UP!  Aquarium, Museum, and Science Center attendance is relatively flat and Zoo Attendance is down for the first time in many years according to Morey Consulting's  2017 Cultural Attraction Trends Report.  #dobetter #digdeeper

      4/17/18: Share of the Day

      SHARE OF THE DAY: A museum client of ours attracts a high percentage of Millennials, but only 10% use the app. This result, combined with stats from other clients, suggests in-museum apps may not be valued by most museum visitors.