Do Better. Dig Deeper.

Our experience indicates most organizations do not realize their full potential in attendance, membership, or revenue. By digging deeper into market research and industry analysis, and using our proprietary Performance Index, we provide you with a wealth of data and information to help you do better.



Performance Assessment Report

The Performance Assessment Report (PAR) assesses an organization's performance compared to its peers and identifies strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses in market capture and membership conversion and retention, Visitor and Member Lifetime Value, and Revenue per Household.

Revenue Opportunity Report

The Revenue Opportunity Report (ROR) identifies how much admission and membership revenue may not be realized based on your current pricing structure compared to Benchmark, Threshold, and Optimized pricing models.

Customized Research

Customized Research allows an organization to test the potential impact of different admission and membership prices on engagement and revenue for existing members, or within a geographic market (local, regional, or national).

Positioning Study

Positioning Studies identify an organization's position in the local market as related to awareness, advertising awareness, market and membership capture and potential, and overall satisfaction.  It also highlights key characteristics of cultural attraction attendees, reasons for visiting, and information sources they use.